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CRM shouldn’t really be about computer systems or software. It is much more of a philosophy about how customers should be managed at the centre of your business. Yes it is about making money but it should also be about developing trust in both your customers and employees and ensuring that your staff manage and serve customers in ways that your customers want.

If this happens and you are easy to do business with then your customers will preferably purchase your products or services (or donate to your cause) over your competitors.


However we all have to be realistic in our daily lives and this ultimately means that you have to have a way to store, access and interrogate information that you gather on customers in order to be able to serve them better and develop this trust. This is where software and systems can help and where most companies start their CRM journey.

“Marketing system integration used to be

the domain of large corporates… not anymore”

Marketing Strategy

More often than not you can just be too busy dealing with the “day-to-day” to spend time your businesses strategy and how it should be developing in the years to come. This should be of great concern to you as being blind-sided by your competitors on acquisitions, JVs or strategic alliances can dramatically affect your business model.

What our clients say:

“Clareti came highly recommended and we have now been working with Neil for some time on our Zoho CRM rollout and integration of associated IT and Marketing systems. Clareti have helped Benares make this important transition and continue to provide excellent advice and improvement services”.

– Vanessa, Benares Restaurant –

Marketing Applications

When choosing the front-end systems and processes on which your sales and marketing staff depend you need to be sure that they will be easy to learn and use, will give your staff the information they need to be efficient and will be future proof. The organisations that we have chosen to partner with here will give you this combination.

Working with Clareti to help choose your front-end business applications provides an opportunity to get an experienced external view about about how well you manage your customers

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