Clareti quick update – Zoho new features, issues – March 2016

Clareti quick update – Zoho new features, issues – March 2016

Neil Weston – Clareti Ltd.

Dear All

Well it’s not been long since the last issue of thisoccasional communication but so much has happened that I won’t be able to fit everything in if I wait any longer.

We do of course have another day in February this year, it being a leap year. I believe that August used to have the fewest days in Roman times but Caesar Augustus was annoyed that ‘his’ month was shorter than Julius Caesar’s (July) and so he stole two days from February to make it the same! If only life were that simple nowadays.

This newsletter is targeted at giving you all an update about some of the things that you may (or may not) have noticed about the extensive array of Zoho business applications and frankly to encourage you to call us and let us help you make more use of them.

Zoho Changes and Enhancements

  • More custom fields for CRM Enterprise Edition – The number of custom fields available for the Enterprise Edition has been increased from 300 to 500. The individual limits for each field type has also been increased accordingly.
  • Zoho CRM integration with RingCentral VOIP phone system – The long awaited launch of the integration between Zoho and RingCentral is now live so let me know if you want more information but it is a very powerful way of automatically recognising who is calling and logging calls etc. Clareti are now authorised resellers of RingCentral and so we can work with you on the switch over of your phone system to a much lower cost VOIP system AND integrate it with your CRM system. Give us a call for more details.


  • New CRM App – The long awaited general release of the new Zoho CRM App has happened. If you have been using the app then just upgrade when prompted to version 3.0. There are loads of improvements with the new app. Two cool new features are:

Accounts near me small

You can now search for accounts either near you OR located in any other city/town. This can be very useful when out visiting clients or indeed to look at the density of accounts in a certain area. When you click on the account it shows you summary details and you can get directions from wherever you are or indeed link to the account to make notes.

Another great feature is the ability to ‘check in’ at an account and associate it with either a new event or an existing event such as a meeting. 
This functionality also allow you to ensure that everyone is where they say they are and nobody is saying they are at a client when they are on the golf course!
Check in small
  • Record level sharing and email analytics – Although not generally available yet we are currently trialing two new enhancements to CRM that just make life a little easier and more pleasurable. I’ll update everyone when they are fully available and we haven’t been able to break them! 
    • Record-level sharing – It can be useful sometimes just to share access to an account or contact etc. with one other person rather than having to achieve this via roles or territories. This will soon be possible with record-level sharing. You will be able to choose to share a record from within the record itself and share it with that favourite employee or someone who needs temporary access.  
    • Email analytics – if you’ve ever wanted to see who is sending emails to whom and when you will soon be able to do this via email analytics. A new folder is added to the standard reports that will allow you to monitor emails sent to clients and pull reports/league tables etc. It will give you another way to monitor your business and identify trends in activity across your business.  
  • NPS™ questions in Zoho Surveys – It is now possible to include Net Promoter Score™ within Zoho Surveys and identify customers’ loyalty to your brand and if they would recommend it to others. Use the results to measure the loyalty of your customers and gauge how good your relationships are with them.

Zoho Application Focus

Zoho Reports

We often get asked to create more complex reports than are possible within the built-in reporting function within CRM. The way this is done is via using the rather confusingly named Zoho Reports (it really should be called Zoho Analytics). Reports is a fantastically capable way of creating just the kind of business reports you need. It takes all of your CRM data and data from any other database or spreadsheet etc. and builds this data into a single database that allows drag and drop report building. 
If you need that ‘top ten customers in May compared with last year’ report or the ‘rolling quarterly closed deals’ report then these kind of more complex reports can be combined into a dashboard that is shared with the management team each week or indeed if you are running the CRM Enterprise Edition the reports can be viewed as a separate tab using web-tabs. Just another way that you can keep on top of key business indicators automatically. You can sign up for a trial of Zoho Reports here but do give us a call first for a quick overview. 
As always do feel free to get in contact about any CRM or Marketing questions you may have. Clareti doesn’t just do Zoho but has extensive experience across the whole area of marketing and/or business strategy. 
With thanks to you all for being Zoho users (or potential users!)
Neil and all the staff at Clareti. | 07802 225194  |  020 7458 4200
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